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Tom Cronin – Transcending Life Challenges With Meditation – GNG #37

Tom Cronin spent 26 years in finance markets as one of Sydney’s leading bond and swap brokers. He discovered meditation in the early stages of his career, when the anxiety and chaos he was experiencing hit a crisis point. Meditation completely transformed his world, both personally and professionally.

Today Tom is passionate about reducing stress and chaos in people’s lives, and his mission is to inspire one billion people to meditate daily.

His work in transformational leadership and cultivating inner peace through meditation takes him around the world as a speaker, presenting keynote talks, hosting retreats and teaching.

What would happen if 7 billion people decided to meditate? Could we shift humanity in a more positive direction? We believe so. Join us in changing the world at

Show Notes:

  • 09:22 – Pleasure addiction vs Inner fulfillment
  • 17:26 – Different types of meditation
  • 24:50 – Vedic knowledge and wisdom
  • 30:30 – How to access the infinite field of intelligence
  • 36:13 – Vedic – The purpose of life
  • 40:26 – The Pineal Gland: Awakening the third eye chakra
  • 44:56 – The Portal: Shifting humanity into a new era

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