Gary Ng | Awakening Entrepreneur

About Gary


People often ask me what I do. I tell them that I’m the Wizard of Oz for Entrepreneurs.

Why the Wizard of Oz?

Just like the character in the story, I believe you have everything you need to lead a supremely happy and successful life within you. All you need is someone to extract what’s within you to make this possible. It’s what I’m passionate to help you will discover.

You will learn about life as an awakened, spiritually connected entrepreneur who is full of drive and looks forward to challenges instead of hiding from them. You will appreciate who you truly are, and the infinite spiritual power and intelligence that lies within your core.

As Albert Einstein famously said “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”. I invite you to join me and experience a level of elevated thinking and spiritual consciousness which sets the truly successful people apart.



What is life about?
Financial Success? Loving Relationships? Good Health?
All of the above? But why do people suffer even after achieving their dream lifestyle?

To achieve success, you make a huge effort and commit time to learn the success principles from the world’s leading experts. You implemented the right strategies and worked tirelessly to put all of it into action.

It’s not been easy. You faced your fears. Overcame resistance from well-meaning family members. You worked insane hours. Against all odds, you backed yourself to succeed.

You’re wealthy, highly respected and have more time to spend with family. Maybe you’re even thinking of getting involved in a charity or contribute to a social cause that’s close to your heart.
The many years of hustle, toil and effort finally paid off. You now enjoy the elite lifestyle of the top 1% of people in the world.


Nothing can take this away from you. So you think. And just when your life seems to be perfect… disaster strikes.

It’s like you’ve been hit by a tsunami. It could be a huge financial loss.
A family member being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. A long-term relationship ends in separation and burns up.

Nothing prepared you for a shock of this magnitude. Your world is in total chaos.
You feel as if your brain has turned into a mass of jelly. Your heart is shattered.
Your identity of who you are is crumbling before your eyes. Hope is fading everywhere you look.


Somewhere inside of you, you hear a voice telling you it’s not over yet. Urging you not to give up. A part of you can sense you are guided to face this Darkness. Because for every problem, however challenging, there is Light on the other side. And to achieve this breakthrough, you need to Awaken the Superhero inside of You. By taking what many refer to as your Hero’s journey.