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People often ask me what I do. I tell them that I’m the Wizard of Oz for Entrepreneurs.

Why the Wizard of Oz?

Just like the character in the story, I believe you have everything you need to lead a supremely happy and successful life within you. All you need is someone to extract what’s within you to make this possible. It’s what I’m passionate to help you will discover.
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Key Achievements

  • Founded E-Web Marketing, one of Australia’s leading Digital Marketing Agencies named by BRW as the Second Best Place to Work in Australia behind Google
  • Innovated a workplace culture based on happiness, success and fun
  • Led E-Web Marketing to being listed on BRW’s Fast 100 list four years in a row and Deloitte Technology’s Fast50 List five years in a row
  • Received a SmartCompany Smart50 Award
  • Have worked with Tony Robbins and other major organisations in reshaping their workplace culture
  • Dedicated to coaching people in the pursuit of success by attaining happiness and fulfillment
  • Gary’s success story has been featured prominently in the media as well in the books Wealth Diaries and The Secret CEO Guide.

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