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James W Jesso – Adventuring With Magic Mushroom Psilocybin – GNG #50

James W Jesso is a Canadian-born storyteller, an independent author and public speaker. His two full-length books, Decomposing The Shadow and The True Light Of Darkness, speak deeply about his experiences and discoveries in learning with Psilocybin as a spiritual ally.

He is also the host of Adventures Through The Mind Podcast which covers psychedelic culture, medicine and research as well as psychology, relationships, spirituality, and Consciousness, sexuality, mind/body, and nutrition and brain health.

Show Notes:

  • 06:27 – Psilocybin: A journey beyond sacred medicine
  • 11:59 – Sacred medicine vs party drugs
  • 21:04 – Transcending reactive suffering by allowing authentic suffering
  • 26:21 – How to determine the right dosage for psilocybin
  • 37:55 – Unpacking Psilocybin Microdosing experience
  • 43:13 – Integrating a Psilocybin experience through personal and spiritual practices

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