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Daniel Stone – Life Is But A Dream- GNG #13

Daniel stone’s life quest has been to understand his ‘dreaming’. As a child, his dreaming experience at night was more real than his experience in the day. In order to try and find the bridge, he explored psycho-therapeutic theories (in particular Carl Jung) and artistic movements (painting, music, theatre, literature).

For ten years, he traveled widely, and It was through the shamanic pathworking with indigenous shamans, in particular, the Australian Aboriginals, Tibetan Buddhism (Bon shamanism), and the Toltec wisdom of central America, that he found a language that could bring together the night with the day. Life as a dream.

He has received various initiations, in particular the crystalline intelligence (inner crystal skull), and holds dreaming circles in Mexico, North America, Europe, and Australia. He founded the Mexican desert Centre of the Conscious Dream in 2000, where he now lives.

Daniel is the author of ‘the dreamer who dreams you’, and ‘Chu-Ra – the change of time’ (Circle). He is a teacher, mentor to many as well as being established international exhibiting artist and musician Refer here:

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Show Notes:

  • Who is Daniel Stone? – 01:47
  • How does dreaming works? – 04:36
  • Different types of dreams – 07:33
  • Why are we dreaming? – 13:58
  • Universe role for our dreams – 22:50
  • How does Daniel start with tribal studies? – 27:26
  • Aboriginal Australia dream time – 43:08
  • What to expect with the coming courses? – 58:41
  • How to connect with Daniel Stone? – 01:02:30
  • Tibetan and Buddhism Experience – 01:05:11

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