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Michael Zeller – Grow Your Business By Aligning To Your Higher Purpose – GNG #06

This serial entrepreneur has made over $300 million over the last 10 years, with over 15 different businesses in a variety of industries, from real estate, fashion, automotive, to digital marketing and high-level entrepreneur masterminds, you name it, Mike is into it. However, everything turned pear-shaped when his business empire starting crumbling down around him. His sense of success and identify is being eroded away.

In this episode, we will talk about how Mike got back up. How his spiritual awakening journey brings him more joy than $300 million can bring. He shares how he is able to condition his mindset using meditations and incantation to create more success and mentoring others on how to achieve the same result and be in a state of alignment.

Aside from the above topics that we will cover, we will also indulge in the positive effects of the Coronavirus. How it cleans the universe from toxic harmful substances and how it brings us near to our family and loved ones.

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Show Notes:

  • Who is Michael Zeller? – 01:39
  • Overview of Michael’s Book” Warrior’s Spirit” – 03:52
  • What’s the business struggle looks like from Michael’s point of view? – 06:48
  • Are business crisis part of a successful business? – 09:26
  • How to transcend beyond external issues and rise your business to the glory? – 11:54
  • How to focus on “what is”? – 14:45
  • Planet is having detox due to Covid19 – 16:38
  • Michael’s spiritual awakening journey – 18:28
  • How to differentiate the ego from the divine intervention? – 22:17
  • How does an awakened entrepreneur operate? – 24:22
  • ย Michael meditation style – 27:47
  • Who is Michael today? – 28:30
  • Marriage without control approach – 30:03
  • Michael’s Post-corona virus analysis – 34:54
  • ย “Live today’s to the fullest, just like it’s your last” – 38:25
  • How to connect with Michael – 40:30

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