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Mariah Brown – How To Surrender In the Face of Crisis – GNG #26

Mariah couldn’t be happier with the success and growth of her brainchild. And with a third, newly opened, location on the island of Oahu, Da Kitchen’s base of raving fans grows by the day. Having achieved worldwide fame from such hit television shows and racked up over 60 restaurant honors and awards.
All of this notoriety has earned Mariah a slew of personal accolades including Hawaii Business Magazine’s Small Business Person of Year and Pacific Business News‘ Businesswoman of the Year.

Despite the business and financial success, Mariah had felt an emptiness inside. This had led her towards personal development and eventually a moment where she had powerful visions of her past life during a meditation process with Tony Robbins in Australia. This set the scene for the crazy yet beautiful adventure that was to follow. Including the successful Da Kitchen after 20 years in business, ending a long-term relationship, embarking on plant medicine, and partaking in a journey of surrender.

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Show Notes:

  • 05:09 – How Mariah dealt with midlife crisis in this pandemic
  • 10:02 – Connecting your natural passion to your business mission
  • 11:44 – Her personal growth from Tony Robbins
  • 17:05 – Mariah’s spiritual awakening experiences
  • 26:30 – “Business is a spiritual game” – incorporating spirituality into your business
  • 29:09 – The challenging journey of spiritual awakening
  • 40:51 – Where do emotions evoke from?
  • 43:28 – Mariah’s plant medicine journey
  • 51:07 – Surrender is the hardest thing
  • 55:57 – Building resilience in the face of crisis
  • 01:00:02 – Mariah’s perspective of liberation
  • 01:04:18 – How to survive the worst moments of your life
  • 01:05:45 – How to turn negative experiences around and thrive

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