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John Butler – Wonders of Spiritual Unfoldment – GNG #33

As a young man in search of love and a purpose to live for, John Butler could not fit within the world he found. Longing to be useful but unwilling to conform, he went out to South America. It wasn’t so easy. Alone on a mountainside one day, an inner voice said, ‘To make whole, be whole’. This was a turning point. He realised that, before being able to help others, he first had to work on himself. Once back in England, he looked for and found a method of meditation. This is where he found an adventure with no end.

Show Notes:

  • 04:01 – What is Spiritual Unfoldment
  • 27:58 – Purpose of the mind, what is it for?
  • 42:08 – The actor is not the act
  • 48:51 – Unnaturalism: The Distinction Between Humans and Nature
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