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Deep – Sikhism, Islam and The Art Of Self Surrender – GNG #49

Deep is a first generation American from Punjabi Ancestry and throughout his life, he has been influenced profoundly through his heritage and the traditions of Yoga, Sikhism and Islam, all rooted in the balance between the practical and mystical. Whether it be as a yogi, a coach, or through his new book of poetry and short stories, innocence, Deep inspires people to look within themselves.

He has taught numerous types of yoga including Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yoga Nidra in environments as unique as prisons and war zones; and he is the owner of DeepElevation LLC, where he helps others transform and grow mentally, spiritually, creatively, and physically.

Show Notes:

  • 04:50 – How September 11 Changed America
  • 10:34 – How Turbans Became a Target for Discrimination
  • 14:25 – The Tradition Of The Turban
  • 20:17 – Why a Spiritual Practice Became Developed Into a Religious System
  • 37:59 – Naturalistic Perspective: Disconnecting to Aesthetic Perception

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