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Claudette Anderson On The Truth Method & Healing Cancer – GNG #01

In this first episode of our podcast, we will unravel the truth about our bodies. How our thoughts could turn impossible into reality? Our guest Claudette Anderson has completely recovered from stage 4 cervical cancer without medical help.

But who is Claudette Anderson? She is the Truth Facilitator, Lover of Your Soul and The Ancient Knowledge, Warrior for Your Freedom, Intuitive, CEO, author, and business owner who is passionate for everyone to remember their true power and purpose.

We will deep dive into several topics in this podcast.
To name a few; truth method, spiritual awakening, self-healing, personal development, consciousness, Darkness and fear, soul, spirit, and the universe.

Show Notes:

  • Troubled childhood helps Claudette unlocks The Truth Method (01:22)
  • Abusive childhood (05:24)
  • Claudette begins her spiritual journey (05:54)
  • Facing stage 4 cervical cancer (07:48)
  • Overcoming cancer by self-healing (12:56)
  • How to connect with the truth method (15:55)
  • What is the role of personal development vs spiritual development? (21:39)
  • How do you access what is within on a conscious level? (23:38)
  • How do you create success in life? (26:56)
  • Where do negative thoughts come from? (31:40)
  • Fear feeds the darkness (33:53)
  • The duality of heaven and earth (36:12)
  • How do we create an environment to make your relationship better? (38:25)
  • Simple steps to get into truth method (39:48)
  • We are our mind (43:55)
  • 3 elements of a human being; soul, spirit, and a body (46:24)
  • What does an awakened world would look like? (52:11)

Can you relate Claudette’s transformative awakening journey?
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