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Brian Yang & Danika Gisvold – Awakening To Shadow Work In Your Relationships – GNG #22

Brian Yang is a self-made entrepreneur and Danika Gisvold, a former nurse, had an immediate connection and quickly fell in love. What started as a typical love story, very quickly morphed into a deep spiritual journey.

Through a combination of Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, Kambo, psychotherapy they started to experience a shift in their consciousness. They can feel a stronger connection to source / God, but yet their shadow self started to emerge and often triggered by their other half.

Listen to the podcast as we journey with Brian and Danika on how they navigated their dark night of the soul together in a romantic relationship.

I hope that you enjoy this immersed episode of our podcast. Please let me know your podcast experience in the comment section below. I will respond to it personally.

Show Notes:

  • 04:20 – Brian’s entrepreneurial journey
  • 05:28 – Danika’s life background
  • 06:35 – How Brian and Danika met?
  • 08:45 – What type of relationship they had in the past?
  • 10:35- How did they go through spiritual awakening?
  • 14:02 – Dark night of the soul
  • 17:49 – Danika’s suicidal relationship
  • 18:51 – Spiritual awakening experience
  • 20:54 – Brian’s Ayauscha journey
  • 28:16 – Danika’s Ayahuasca journey
  • 41:58 – Human Consciousness
  • 45:17 – Common Signs of a Spiritual Awakening
  • 49:55 – What is sixth sense?
  • 52:13 – What is Kambo?
  • 01:04:55 – What causes fights?
  • 01:11:44 – How to react to fights?
  • 01:15:58 – The biggest thing in Spiritual growth

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