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Tom W Green – Breakthrough Beyond The 4D Matrix With Mindful Growth Hacking – GNG #05

A person that defeated death and has been in the after-life. Goes out the “university life” at the age of 16 and enters the entrepreneurial world. Being able to “work” even just 6 weeks old. A born entrepreneur and dubbed as “All Around Superstar Who Loves To Have Fun”, Thomas W. Green is a person with too many labels to name; Entrepreneur, strategist, thought leader and Motivational Speaker.

Tom helps extraordinary individuals, leaders, and entrepreneurs shaped their thinking. From the conventional to Mindful thinking that really hacks the growth of success. Tom’s teaching ensures that how you are thinking today is still competitive till’ tomorrow. Technology is in full swing and has no sign of slowing down so, with Tom’s guidance, you are assured that you are always ahead of the game.

You can only wish that you were able to listen or watched this earlier at your age because this really makes sense. Well, it is never too late, continue striving and I hope this podcast gives you the boost you needed most in this most competitive universe.

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Show Notes:

  •  Who is Thomas W. Green? – 01:34
  • Early entrepreneurial experiences of Tom – 5:17
  • How does the University of Life shaped Tom? – 08:51
  • “The People that got you HERE, Will not BRING your there: You have to leave them behind” – 12:59
  • What really entertains Tom when he was still a kid? 18:42
  • What is programming and what are we being programmed? 23:02
  • How do Peppa Pig and other childhood show the impact on your kids? 25:09
  • “Most of our thinking is based on incorrect information” – 30:03
  • What does Tom think about the framework of a culture having an effect on the programming of video games? – 35:54
  • What ‘s Tom’s ultimate goal and passion to make a change? – 39:43
  • Tom’s near-death experience – 47:20
  • “There is nothing outside of ourselves and everything outside ourselves” – 01:01:48
  • What is resonance harmonics? – 01:04:06
  • What is binary and sacred geometry? – 01:09:30
  • How powerful the words we think and the words we speak of? – 01:13:57
  • How to become an awakened entrepreneur? – 01:25:06
  • Tom’s visceral experience – 01:43:10
  • How many percent of businesses practicing the triple-bottom-line method? – 01:51:17
  • 9 Steps of growth hacking business – 01:53:23
  • How to survive this coronavirus pandemic? – 02:04:58
  • What will the world be like after coronavirus? – 02:13:10
  • How to connect with Tom Green? – 02:24:18

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