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Suzanne Robichaud – Healing Inner Child & Releasing Trauma With Hypnotherapy – GNG #53

Suzanne Robichaud is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and has been practicing for over 12 years. Hypnotherapy is a powerful form of therapy that helped her to heal from trauma and change the way her mind perceived herself and the world, allowing her to live a life from a place of love instead of fear. This motivated her to train and help others to free themselves from the past and step into their true selves.

Healing from trauma has been a huge part of Suzanne’s Spiritual Awakening, and helping others to do the same is her calling. Sessions on her YouTube channel have reached millions, helping so many people heal and live a more peaceful life. When you are free from the effects of trauma, it allows you to step into your true power, to awaken and live from a place of love.

Show Notes:

  • 05:41 – Meeting your Higher Power with Hypnotherapy
  • 19:55 – How does the Subconscious Mind work?
  • 27:58 – Healing trauma with hypnotherapy
  • 36:08 – Overcoming the victim mentality
  • 39:52 – How to process emotions effectively

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