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Simon Lovell – Releasing Darkness & Shame To Experience Light & Freedom – GNG #20


On the outside, everything looked great for Simon Lovell.

A mansion in California complete with a basketball court, a Ferrari parked outside. The trouble was, behind the scenes, he felt that ‘something was off’. Oh, it was…

His relationships were a mess.

Truth was, didn’t feel good enough and he was self-sabotaging like a pro! His body was screaming for change but he was ignoring the call.

He had overcome addictions, invested over $250,000 in personal development with the best in the world, but something was still up.

He had been through so much ‘High Performance’ training but he still felt empty inside and burned out.

This was until a huge shift and awakening that changed his entire world from a specific series of actions that he took that changed everything.

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Show Notes:

  • 02:14 – “Black ball” book
  • 03:58 – Traumatic bullying experience growing up
  • 05:07 – Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
  • 06:54 – A game called “Anybody else have a secret?”
  • 08:42 – Five regrets experience when dying
  • 12:42 – What is a quantum field, and how does it interact with life?
  • 14:39 – Closing the energy loop
  • 18:59 – Ways to improve your personal development skills
  • 21:08 – How does meditation help your inner self?
  • 23:02 – The resistance of letting go
  • 24:52 – How to let go of fear?
  • 35:18 – The way to happiness
  • 36:27 – Simon’s love life journey, from huge mess to pure happiness.
  • 41:12 – What is money?
  • 45:36 – How do you differentiate reality to manipulation?
  • 47:37 – The surrender experiment
  • 51:41 – How do you become a GREAT leader?  

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