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Sim Suen – The Universe Always Provides For You – GNG #09

Sim had been down the path of what most people would regard as the path of success. Getting good grades to a good job in a major bank to being a well-liked good person and to top it off, a good relationship. All this took a turn when the life and identity she had built came crumbling down before her eyes. Listen to this episode to hear about her journey of discovery including learning from Tony Robbins, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. John Demartini, Guru Singh, Nassim Haraneim, and ayahuasca that will warm your heart and give you the courage to trust the universe.

Listen till’ the end and I assure you, you will find so much joy and abundance throughout. Please let me know your podcast experience in the comment section below. I will respond to it personally.

Show Notes:

  • Who is Sim Suen? – 02:00
  • Sim’s personal spiritual journey – 05:01
  • What triggers Sim to shift his lifestyle and way of life? – 10:38
  • What is a belief system? – 30:53
  • Is Sim’s childhood always happy and joyful? – 49:00
  • The day Sim feel in love with Gong – 52:30
  • The importance of giving respect to dead ancestors – 58:00
  • Sim’s point of view on owing something – 01:05:24
  • Sim’s $200,000 fundraising program – 01:15:00
  • How to deal with challenges in life? – 01:19:08
  • How to connect with Sim Suen? – 01:33:15

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