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Shayla Humphrey – Overcoming Mental Illness & Healing – GNG #02

Depression, anxiety, PTSD, being bullied at school and feeling of unworthiness were all the things that Shayla had to battle with that eventually lead her into taking her own life on multiple occasions. During one of her suicide attempts, she became unconscious and journey into heaven. This is where she encountered guidance from above that changed the course of her life forever.

Shayla Humphrey is the daughter of Scott Humphrey and Tony Robbins’ niece. She was raised in a loving family environment. Through the difficult and traumatic ordeal, she was eventually guided to learn about her supernatural abilities. The darkness she faced now set the foundation for her true purpose to help others from their grief and inspire others through her own experiences.

She is also the author of the book on Amazon “ Rise Up Be you ” that shares her epic evolution from suicidal to transformational.

Show Notes:

  • How Shayla discovered her gift as a healer – 2:37
  • Shayla’s childhood that leads her to encounter spiritual beings – 7:10
  • Parents role in upbringing their kids – 12:12
  • Shayla talk about her book Rise Up Be You – 19:54
  • How mental health helped Shayla become a life coach – 22:38
  • True happiness comes from within – 23:53
  • Parents reaction to her spiritual awakening – 27:47
  • If a child is seeing spirits, what should parents do? – 30:33
  • What happens when you die? – 31:40
  • What’s the purpose of life? – 33:00
  • The road to awakening – 34:37
  • How do you approach your mental gift? – 36:39
  • Shayla channeling spirits wisdom to humanity – 40:30
  • Life coaching with psychic gifts – 46:06
  • Is spiritual awakening meant for everyone? – 48:17
  • How to raise a gifted child or an indigo child? – 49:51
  • Experiencing paranormal experiences – 52:38
  • Benefits of Bio-charger NG for healing – 55:58
  • How to be the best version of yourself – 57:57
  • The craziest Spiritual encounter – 58:58

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