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Kruze – Unlearning From The Matrix – GNG #36

Kruze is a divine Being who made a choice, beyond this form, to anchor light for all of Life on this plane and fulfill his role in The Great Unlearning for humanity, and the evolution of this beautiful planet. Prior to experiencing his awakening in 2018, he was on the path of entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and life coach. Through his ascension journey and recognition and embodiment of his divine inheritance, the old models of β€œsuccess” could no longer exist in truth. He lives in the magical Sedona, AZ with his divine partner and is the host of The Great Unlearning podcast where he discusses topics such as releasing restrictive western matrix thought constructs, the collective evolution, multi dimensional awareness, and moving our physical existence into a more etheric way of Being.

Show Notes:

  • 05:48 – Benefits of the Fruitarian diet
  • 19:04 – Journey towards self-discovery
  • 38:18 – Unlearning the medical concepts of the western world
  • 50:16 – Challenging the recorded history
  • 58:28 – Tips to get out of the Matrix

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