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Jim Treadway – Losing Your Way To Harvard & Remembering Yourself Through Plant Medicine – GNG #27

Jim did everything that he was asked to do, put in the years of hard work that eventually led to getting accepted into Harvard University. This seemingly a dream come true would soon reveal to Jim that he had lost his way. Harvard was not the destination, but merely a signpost for him to turn back to reclaim his true power.

A tutor since the age of 11, Jim Treadway founded Growth Wise, an online academic tutoring company, in 2017. Today, he and his fifteen tutors cover the SAT and ACT (college entrance exams in the U.S.), and all academic subjects from middle school through college academics.

Jim takes a different approach to tutoring: while grades and college acceptances can be important, what matters more are kids’ self-awareness and their mindsets around facing challenges.

Jim uses academic tutoring as an entry point to work on kids’ self-awareness and mindsets so that they can come to know their own superpowers, their brains’ preferred ways of learning and studying, their own true potential, and how to actualize it. This makes them better students, too.

For those who know Tony Robbins’ work, Jim likes to say that he “puts the Tony in the tutoring.”

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Show Notes:

  • 04:28 – How did Jim Treadway’s awakening journey begin?
  • 10:23 – How Byron Katie had impacted Jim
  • 20:47 – Setting healthy boundaries
  • 26:13 – What plant medicine have shown Jim
  • 32:12 – How to connect with spirit guides
  • 34:05 – Jim’s secrets of living a happier life
  • 40:53 – How to boost a child’s academic success?
  • 44:39 – Positive parenting solutions: How can a shy child gain confidence?

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