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James G – Atlantis – Lemuria | Ancient Timelines | Events Revealed – GNG #35

Growing up, James had profound insights into the “myths” but was often scolded by teachers in school for not seeing what he was told to see. He never really felt like he belonged on this planet and over time learnt to suppress all his thoughts and feelings. When Ancient Aliens first came out on TV, James watched it together with his brother-in-law. This show and his brother-in-law’s curiosity was the first time James ever talked to anyone about his knowledge. This was when James could sense the world was beginning to change. When his brother-in-law died of Leukemia, it instigated James to restart his journey of awakening and accepting his true identity. This journey had set James out to find everything he could about the myths of the world. Talking to Native Americans, mystics and doing his own research, he found the Goddess. James learned that spirit is feminine. She is the key to understanding all knowledge in this patriarch world. He promised the Goddess that whatever knowledge she brought his way he would share with the world. Problem was no one wanted to hear it. He would talk to even the most opened minded person and make their head spin. He figured out you can not wake people up. When they are ready to wake up they will wake up. So he started his blog, with no tags. That way those who were meant to find it would be the ones to find it. This blog has now become one of the best resources for all awakened souls wanting to see beyond the surface of reality and unveil the hidden secrets of the universe. For those who are ready it is a beacon that says, “You are not alone”.

Show Notes:

  • 11:34 – Why do most people know about Atlantis but not Lemuria?
  • 15:33 – Origin of the human race
  • 26:18 – Uprising against the aliens gods
  • 33:56 – The second human race was created
  • 38:16 – Lemuria vs Atlantis: War of the Gods
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