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Holly Chang – Surrender Into Living A Soul-Driven Life – GNG #51

Holly began her career while in college as an engineer working on billion-dollar expansion projects before becoming a serial social entrepreneur who served as an influential nonprofit CEO with US-China bridge builder. She then founded the Golden Bridges Foundation with her savings in 2008 with the vision of promoting “diverse cultures, shared humanity.

But in 2017, she started to burn out. For months on end, she only slept 90 minutes a day. Holly became physically and spiritually exhausted and needed healing.

For the next three and a half years, she did nothing but ask questions and seek answers. Holly attended hundreds of workshops around the world, researched all kinds of healing modalities, read hoards of books, she spent hundreds of thousands of dollars learning from the best life and spiritual teachers. This lead her towards rediscovering her soul and living an inspired soul-driven life.

Show Notes:

  • 07:04 – Depression, burnout, suicidal to transforming with deep inner work
  • 15:58 – Merging of Eastern & Western philosophy
  • 19:27 – Holly’s health, self-development, and dark night of the soul journey
  • 34:45 – The energetic qualities of surrendering
  • 37:27 – Transcending negativity and emotions
  • 43:45 – Living a Soul-Driven life

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