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Erika Garcia – Discovering Freedom In The Faces Of Injustice – GNG #18

Erika is a successful award-winning entrepreneur having founded Marketing 4 Sunset Group in Mexico 19 years ago. She promoted and helped brought tourism to Cancun and the Riviera Maya region. In 2019, Erika was recognized as Philanthropist of the year for her ongoing contribution to the community.

Erika is a member of the Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership and has traveled extensively around the world in search of learning from leading world icons including Richard Branson, Wim Hof, and Master Co.

The awakening journey has been an ongoing journey of rediscovering ancients ceremonies in the Mexican jungle, to finding gratitude in the present moment amongst lockdown and travel bans.

This is an interesting podcast featuring a powerhouse entrepreneur to a soul that flows with grace in line with the Universe. We are excited to share this episode with you.

I hope that you enjoy this immersed episode of our podcast. Please let me know your podcast experience in the comment section below. I will respond to it personally.

Show Notes:

  • 01:29 – Erika Garcia’s early life
  • 03:48 – Erika as an entrepreneur
  • 05:35 – A book that changed her life
  • 10:39 – Importance of human touch
  • 11:08 – Power of collaboration
  • 11:31 – Became an entrepreneur by mistake
  • 13:39 – Erika’s awakening experience for the last 6 months
  • 19:19 – El Ser Humano/ Human being
  • 19:47 – Divine intelligence
  • 23:13 – Guru Sing’s book buried treasures: The journey from where you are to who you are
  • 27:42 – “We are always seeking the answer outside”
  • 29:57 – Injustice
  • 33:56 – Tony Robbins & operation underground railroad to free child sex slaves
  • 35:11 – The constitution translated to Mayan
  • 36:50 – What is reality?
  • 45:37 – Path of loving oneself
  • 46:41 – Mastery of love/Don Miguel Ruiz
  • 55:37 – Erika Garcia’s next life chapter
  • 56:14 – Formed a company called Gratitude and a Gift
  • 59:13 – What Erika would do if she became the President?

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