Gary Ng | Awakening Entrepreneur

Empower your team to think like business owners

At the end of last year, I talked to our team about shifting our mindset from being a team of online marketers to become a team of Intrapreneurs. Recently the Australian Financial Review published a story about this change.

One of the main reason we decided to make this shift is because we wanted to create a team of business minded problem solvers, as opposed to people who are boxed in the scope of their job titles.

For instance, most of us have experienced working with designers that are brilliant in their design but have little business sense on how this would bring in sales and leads for the business. Or a programmer that is an excellent coder but is unable to market their own business, let alone help you market yours.

In a world that is rapidly changing with technology, the company with a culture that can quickly adapt will thrive in this environment where new markets and business opportunities are constantly sprouting up. The companies that needs to await direction from the very top are typically the ones that are the slowest to react. They will end up becoming the next Blockbusters and Borders, i.e. going out of business.