Gary Ng | Awakening Entrepreneur

Business Mastery with Anthony Robbins – Day 4

Hello, everyone. Day Four has just finished. Actually it finished a few hours ago and it’s 2:00 in the morning now. I think it finished around 10:30 or so. Went to dinner with a few of the guys that I’ve met at the Business Mastery, and I must admit a few of these are people I’ve met and formed a relationship with that I’m confident that will be my friends for life. Whether we stay in contact every single day or not, they hold a very special place in my heart, and they’ve helped me grow as a person during the session. And we’ve helped each other make a lot of breakthroughs.

Day Four, we’ve learned from Rosina from BBI, Business Breakthrough International. She talked a lot about training and having a system. So if one day we get hit by a bus, the business can still survive and thrive as well with the system that we create for our team. By having a good training system, it will allow you to have more time to work on the business and employ people that can just follow the system and grow the business.

Then we had a gentleman talking about social media. Although the presentation was very interesting, because this is the kind of thing that we do, maybe I’m partially biased. But amongst the people I was sitting next to, they gave the same feedback that they weren’t quite interested in the content. So I guess a lot of the people that go to Business Mastery, the core skills that they want to learn is finance, sales and marketing. The rest of business owners are there to be working on their own personal psychology. As Tony Robbins always says, 80 percent of business success is dependent on the leader’s psychology, and 20 percent is based on the leader’s skillset.

Skillset, when you’re talking about leaders, one of the areas that they tend to always focus on a lot is getting new sales, right? Increasing the amount of revenue. And one of the areas that they least like to work on is the finance side. So that’s why the finance side with Keith Cunningham was valuable, and he did another session today to take us to the next level. It’s really engaging and helpful to most of the audience or quite captive.

But when it comes to, like, social media, or SEO, or any of the known core things that we need to learn with passion about learning, like, the interest goes down. So with others, I felt that it was quite an engaging or quite an entertaining presentation, and they wrapped social media quite well. Overall, there were like 175 slides or something, so it was probably a bit too long, but social media is just so huge. If you wanted to do a really good job in just giving people a broad perspective without even going into the deeper side, you need to spend quite a lot of time explaining it.

So Tony also came back on the stage and talked to us about protecting and allocating assets. Okay. Once your business is making money, how are you going to protect yourself? Rather than just thinking that the good times will last forever – because they don’t – it’s time to take money off the table and think what are the areas that you can invest in? And how do you apportion the risky investments versus the not so risky investments?

And the rest was just really summarising what we’ve learned during the last three and a half, four days and putting it together in a plan with fixed actionables that we’re going to be doing as soon as we get home. Because Tony explains that, while you’re in a peak state, you’re going to be like, “Wow, I can make anything happen,” and then be really pumped to overcome any challenges that stands in your way, but as soon as you get home, what happens to a lot of people is they get complacent, or it just becomes hard. Like all the emails are coming in and different people start calling and asking for your time and attention, and before you know it, you’re swamped, and you just feel like that you just don’t have time. So while you’re in the zone and in an area that nobody can come and disturb you, do up a plan or at least a basic structure of the plan so when you go back to the office, the first thing you know is, what are the things that I’m going to—the top five things I’m going to start working on? What’s the deadline? What’s the ideal outcome that will be derived from it? And so that’s what we did.

And overall, it was quite a pleasant day. I want to say that I learned something extraordinary that I didn’t know before. Keith’s session was quite good. I learned more about financial analysis and how to read the financial statement, the cash flow, and the balance sheet. He makes it very fun for us to learn. So if you guys have a chance to listen to Keith Cunningham talk about finances and how to read the scorecard or the different financial instruments, I definitely encourage you to go to that.

Over the last two days I joined the Platinum Partnership. Tony explained that, for you to be successful, like, put yourself in proximity to other people that are successful or more successful than you. And the Platinum Partnership allows you free tickets to go to certain events like UPW and discounted entry to some of the other events. And it also gives you exclusive invites to four or five trips that Tony himself will be at, and he will be bringing in business leaders from all around the world, the most successful in their field, to talk about what’s the latest trends in the economy or in the world and what can we learn from it. Or there will be a health expert to talk about health and how we can use the latest technology to really improve our body.

So those things are a lot of value, but ultimately, you are who you hang around with in terms of your wealth. Often you can get an idea of how rich a person is based on the six people they hang around the most. If you get the average of the six friends or family that they hang around the most, usually, that’s the level of income that person will receive. And the same goes with happiness as well. You hang around happy people, you’re going to be happy. If you hang around people are generally pessimistic and complain a lot, then that brings down your energy and your happiness level as well.

So I met some incredible friends during the last four days, and through being part of the Platinum Partnership, I’ll meet these incredible people that are very, very successful in their own right as well. And the latest event that Tony will be holding is going to be held in March in Whistler, and he’s going to bring three billionaires in the finance industry to tell us about the latest trends. And Tony told us about the power of anticipation and having these experts telling us what’s going to happen in the economy and stuff, like with the whole world – the GFC, and with Greece and Europe being in trouble, and America in big debt.

And with the share market, people think that it’s going down a lot but historical trends show that it always comes back up. Same thing with real estate, like, in Vegas, like a lot of the real estate has gone down by more than 70 percent, so the price of the home is actually worth less than the home loan itself. So with all this property value going down and America in big debt, will the property prices go back up? And what’s going to happen in Australia for us, being in the proximity of China and India with a lot of the growth there—we just watched on the news today that governments there can’t really get their acts together. Are we going to continue to be able to take advantage of the Asian growth or are we going to waste this opportunity? And what are some of the things that we can do in our business in the current climate?

So by being with people that are a lot better than us, it pushes us to the next level. So being in Platinum Partnership is so great, and these people think alike, they have such a positive energy, and talk the same language. We talk strategy, story, and state, and most people don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, but when you touch base with them, you tell them the challenges you go through, and they will be able to see it from our side or perspective. “Hey, you actually need to change the story, you know, or you need to change your state. I see that when I hear your tonality, you sound defeated so you need to pump yourself back up.” So that’s one of the main advantages of being in the Platinum Partnership is hanging around with like-minded people that can help you grow to new heights.

This is the end of the Business Mastery, and I had a blast. The four days seem to pass just like that. And every single night I’m having no more than five hours sleep. It’s already 2:21, and I’ve got to get up early tomorrow for a meeting. Yet I have the energy to keep going. If I have to go to any other places, even if I’m going to sightseeing and stuff, I’m going to definitely fall asleep. I guess for me, I usually need my eight hours sleep, so sleeping five hours a night is in no way enough for me. But just being around a place that’s full of energy really helps, but it also helps me to condition my body to adapt to less sleep. Research has been showing that you can condition your body to sleep only six to seven hours. Five hours is probably a bit less, if you gradually adjust your sleep your body can adjust to it. And I’ve learned all the different methodologies that I can continue to keep my body in a high energy level and in a peak state of mind, as well as emotionally switched on. My physical body needs to keep up as well. So from today, I’m going to have to commit to regular exercise, not just for my body but for my mind.

So for those of you that are running a business or have aspirations to be a business owner. Or even if you’re an employee and want to be a part of your company’s greatest success. I definitely encourage you to go to Business Mastery. The price that you pay is be well worth it. It’s an investment of a lifetime. And the event will change your life.

And so to wrap up, I hope you guys enjoyed the lessons I’ve shared with you. Do give me some feedback and comments. It would be helpful for me for the next time I make a recording, to know what type of information to share with you guys. But until the next time, have fun and have a lot of happiness, and I wish your business every bit of success. Bye bye.