Gary Ng | Awakening Entrepreneur

Why Wait for Happiness?

I sucked at school. During my school years in Hong Kong I always found myself at the bottom of the class. It wasn’t until my grandmother took me to Australia that I started embracing my entrepreneurial skills and was eventually introduced to the Internet. My journey from a young and impressionable student to Chief Empowerment Officer for E-Web Marketing  was recently featured in Australia’s Largest Chinese Magazine, New Land Magazine and I would like to share with you excerpts from my story. To download the full article click here.

“As a child I was naturally creative and curious, but the educational system is very different from what Australian children experience growing up. Chinese students are graded primarily on their ability to memorise information, not apply what they learn in a meaningful or imaginative way.”

As a result, I was bored and demotivated by this type of learning and found myself towards the bottom of my classes. Then when I turned 12, with the support of my parents, I left Hong Kong and went to live with my grandma in Australia to attend a school in Sydney. This was a big turning point in my life and it was just the change that I needed to develop myself into an entrepreneur.


When I was first exposed to the internet I discovered the massive array of information that could be found online and I knew this was where the future was going to be. Six months prior to completing my Economics and Marketing Degree at Macquarie University in 1999, I decided to launch my own start up web design business then in 2001 we experienced the dot come crash.

It became harder for web design businesses to thrive and many went out of business over the next few years. This was when I noticed that search engines were quickly becoming the more popular alternative to the yellow pages. I did a lot of self learning so I could understand the Google algorithm and when I applied my new found knowledge to my clients’ websites, they experienced a boost in sales online and in 2004 we changed from web design to Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing.

As E-Web grew, I began to realise a win-win formula:

“If you look after your employees well, they will do a good job and look after your clients. If you look after your clients, they will want to do more business with you and thus increase the return for the shareholders.”

So E-Web’s vision is something that is deeply ingrained in all of us because together “We exist to bring Happiness, Success and Fun to everyone we encounter.” Which means that while we help businesses grow online, we do it because it we love helping others achieve their goals, it feels good to give and we want to show them “Happiness, Success and Fun” along the way.

I believe that “Happiness is a universal desire in every human being; however, most of us have set happiness as the end destination rather than the journey.” So if you ultimately want to achieve happiness, then why not make it the main focus in your present moment now? Why wait?