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Weird Questions You Should Ask For Effective Job Interview

How often have you hired someone only to find out months later they are not a good fit for the company? The Australian estimated that a bad hire will cost you two and a half times the employee’s salary, a figure which goes up even more for high level positions.

So what can you do to better filter out people who are not a good fit for your business?

At E-Web Marketing, we have built in a series of unusual or some may even call it weird set of questions, that is design to reveal the true motivation behind each candidate you interview.

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Hey guys! Today I’m gonna share with you my best kept secret in how to use questioning technique to find the best people for your organisation. The normal interview question sucks. Why does it suck so much? Well, let me demonstrate it to you. One of the typical interview questions I see:

“What are your weaknesses?”

-Well, you know what? I tend to work too hard ’cause I like to help people. When my teammates need help, I couldn’t help them. I end up working too long of hours – yeah, sure.

So I’m gonna demonstrate to you in a role play the series of questions I would typically ask during an interview. Are you ready?

So, what’s your favourite colour?
What’s your favourite TV series?
What’s your favourite movie
Are you reading a book right now? What book are you reading?
What’s your favourite car?
What’s your favourite song?
If you have a hundred dollars to spend, what would you spend it on?
What if it’s a thousand dollars? What if it’s ten thousand dollars?

You know what? These responses are really key to tell which stage of life are they at and what really drives them. Is it their family life that’s driving them? Are they doing it for the family? Are they doing it for themselves? Are they doing it for their partner? Are they doing that for their community? So where they spend their money on, you can tell what are their priorities in their lives.

And how do you tell what stages of life are they in? Well, it just depends. If they say, “I wanna go traveling. I wanna go for an adventure. They’re at the adventure stage of their life. This person hasn’t really settled down. They’re willing to take more risk, but at the same time they could be a possible flight risk. This person is not ready to settle down yet in a company. What if someone is looking for a marriage or getting engaged or getting a mortgage? These show their commitment side. This person is ready to settle down and have a long term career somewhere, and it could be at your company. And you know what? Let me give you a bonus question. I’ve asked this a few times and I had great effect. I ask them, “Do you like to drink?” and they go, “Oh, not really. I don’t really drink.” And I say, “That’s a pity ’cause we like to hang out and we have drinks all the time.” And they go, “No, no, no, I do drink. Just not all the time.” You just see the whole body reaction change. What I encourage you to do is have some fun. Play with them. As questions that they do not expect to hear from you. That’s the trick. Let me know how you go. Bye!