Gary Ng | Awakening Entrepreneur

Trade in your Expectation for Appreciation!

‘Promoting company culture and improving workplace morale is only something that can be done in a small business.’ This is a common refrain and one which suggests that large corporations are interested only in profit. In the world of business, it seems as if increase in profit is inversely proportional to the promotion of company culture. Small companies start off as a tight-knit group and the owners of the company does everything possible to instill a company ethos. This is done by praising and rewarding staff when necessary. The workplace is more of a family atmosphere as everyone is relaxed and feels comfortable in the presence of everyone else.




However, as a company increases in terms of scale and size, profits become paramount. The CEO suddenly doesn’t recognize individuals; instead, only results and cold hard cash are noteworthy achievements. Employees are ruthlessly cast aside when deemed to be underperforming and the family atmosphere of a small company is replaced by tension. Employees only communicate with one another when absolutely necessary and even then it is always work-related.

Imagine my surprise when I visited a Hilton Hotel in Fiji. There are around 540 Hilton hotels around the world and it is a multi-billion dollar enterprise. I was expecting luxury accommodation and staff wearing fake smiles as they struggle through yet another work day.

I was half right. The luxury accommodation? Definitely! Downtrodden staff? Definitely not! I suspect that the Hilton Star Card I came across while in the hotel had something to do with it.

Basically, the Star Card asks guests to nominate the best staff with the top employees receiving rewards. This is a wonderful idea! Staff at this Hilton Hotel knows they are recognised and appreciated by guests. They come to work with a spring in their step while other staff knows they have to up their game and approach their shift with a determination to do better.

The promotion of company culture means staff is constantly trying to perform to their highest level because they know that gratitude awaits them. Instead of just receiving their wages, staff feels as if they have accomplished something. Few things motivate people more than rewards, recognition and the feeling that what they are doing matters.

Thanks to the Hilton Star Card, staff feels important.

Ask yourself: What is your company doing to give its staff that satisfying feeling of importance?