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Sam Cawthorn – Surround Yourself with Good People

Did you know that the company you keep make you who you are? This is not only true when it comes to social relationships. For instance, if you aspire to be rich, then hang out with people who earn seven figures! Surrounding yourself with people you admire and aspire to become can actually help turn yourself into the best version of you. In this video, Sam Cawthorn and myself will explain how it works.

Video Transcript:

Sam: Hi guys, it’s is Sam Cawthorn here for today’s daily minute, and this is my friend, Gary Ng. One thing I love about life is surrounding myself with significant people that really challenge me in my own world, whether it’s my business or my personal life.

Sam: Gary, why do you think is it important to surround yourself with amazing, awesome people?

Gary: Oh my god, Imagine you surround yourself with a bunch of people that does nothing but complain all day. What would that do to your energy? Even if it’s not something personal to you: “Oh you know what, my cat stole my tennis ball today!” or “My mum burned my shirt today!” or “You know what?! I got into a traffic jam today.” — That would just sap your energy.

Sam: Absolutely!

Gary: There’s a saying that your external can’t influence your happiness. It can’t control it, but it has a big influence. So if you surround yourself, conversely, with very happy and positive people, people that’s going places, people’s that’s looking what more can they get in becoming happy in life, it’s natural for them to be contagious to you and infuse you with the level of positivity and happiness and joy in their lives.

Sam: Well, Jim Rohn said that we have an average of about five of our closest friends, the company that you keep turns you to who you are. Do you agree?

Gary: Yeah, definitely. And the same goes with the wealth that you make as well. The average income of those five people, typically your income is going to be somewhat similar. So that’s why I’m around you Sam. ‘Cause I know you make—what? Seven figures?

Sam: Fantastic. So there you have it guys. You heard it from Gary Ng. If you wanna be rich, hang around with people who earn seven figures. My name is Sam, this is Gary, I’ll talk to you guys very soon!

Gary: Ciao!