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Sam Cawthorn High on Life

Do you love everything in your life right now? Can you say that you are living a happy and rich life? Do you sometimes wonder how some lucky people get to live the perfect life? Well, it’s just not all about luck. Sam C and I share our personal secrets to being high on life and finally, our secrets to living a happy and rich life. Check out the video below.

Video Transcript:

Sam: Hi guys! It’s Sam here for today’s daily minute. Well this is my friend Gary Ng. Gary has been a very good friend of mine for the last few years, and now we’re business partners as well. Gary is one of the most ‘highest life’ people that I’ve ever met in my entire life. Gary, what is your secret ingredient to being high on life?

Gary: High! Are we talking about ecstasy high or what high?

Sam: No, look— I’m talking about is that you have created quite an amazing empire and you obviously got a global business, very very successful business person, but also at the same time you are high on life. You love everything in your life—your family, your wife, your business, tell us what are some of the key ingredients to be high on life?

Gary: I think, if you focus on how to be high or how to be happy, that’s the way I call it, you’re gonna be a lot more aware, things that is in your way that’s pro-fending you to be happy. So for example, yesterday there was a little moment or something got to me, not a big thing, and most people in everyday life they just get on with it and not think about it. But I’ll catch myself—hey, why did I get upset or frustrated or annoyed by that little thing? What triggered it? Is that my conscious or is that my sub-conscious? And just really hone in to understand it. From that, I go listen to great teachers like Tony Robbins or some of the other personal development guru, to listen to their theory on how our brain works or how our state management works. So there’s a lot of studying, but it’s just comes down to my passion on how to really live a happy and rich life.

Sam: So there you have it guys. Gary Ng really teaching us some of the secrets that he uses to live a happy and rich life. My name is Sam Cawthorn and this is Gary Ng. I’ll talk to you again very soon.

Gary: Bye!