Gary Ng | Awakening Entrepreneur

Power to the People – Why Success Is In the Hands of Your Staff, Not Management

Bureaucracy, red tape, delays and having to run everything through a succession of managers. It’s amazing that any work gets done these days! There are far too many organisations that have numerous management layers. Instead of promoting efficiency, it leads to confusion and lack of productivity. Team members are given a task and told to concentrate on it without any clue as to how it fits into the company’s overall goals. I learned long ago that layers of hierarchy only led to reduced efficiency which is why we have completely eliminated management structure and have instead created a workplace environment at E-Web Marketing that team members love. Here is how you can follow suit.


Establish a Team Culture

I have found that leaders emerge in every team and there is absolutely no need to ‘nominate’ a leader. Forget about titles and grow accustomed to the fact that small groups of people working together with a defined goal will be successful and productive. There is no need for a hierarchy as team members can choose their own titles and assess their own performance. This leads to increased growth and best of all, no time is wasted through the process of having to ‘report’ to someone!

Clearly Defined Goals

Creating small teams and giving each one a short-term goal helps staff realise that there is a clear objective they are working towards. The combination of clear goals and short windows of time means it is easier than ever before to measure performance level and learn from past mistakes. Each team will feel as if they are working for one another rather than a ‘boss’ and there will be collective responsibility for the project.

Reduce Rigidity

Although I founded E-Web Marketing, the last thing I want to do is impose a strict set of rules and guidelines. Treat team members as adults and not teenagers if you want the best results. E-Web Marketing staff thrives under the flexibility they are afforded which includes no strict working hours and vacation times. We measure productivity through work done not hours spent at work. Team members even have the option to work from home: Once they complete their task for the day, they’re free to do what they want.

Show Real Leadership

A real leader doesn’t scold staff members. Instead, he guides and supports them in a bid to steer them in the right direction. Rather than immediately coming up with a solution to a team member’s problem, pose some pertinent questions to help him find the solution himself as this helps him grow. In contrast, shouting at the staff member and giving him all the answers may help in the short-term but will do nothing for the company in the long run. Additionally, such conduct is only likely to lead to resentment.

At E-Web Marketing, we have thrown the rule book out of the window and conventional workplace ‘wisdom’ does not apply. Trusting team members and allowing them to grow has led to immense success so we must be doing something right! Get rid of management and usher in a new era of staff happiness and productivity.

Love to hear your thoughts on whether you think this would work in your business?