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My Ethnic Business Awards finalist thank you speech

I had a great time at the Ethnic Business Awards at Sydney’s Four Seasons Hotel last Monday! It was a great honour to be recognised as a finalist among the many successful businesses established by migrants to Australia.

For the Small Business category for which we were a finalist, Michael Cejnar of MicroPace took the top prize. I want to congratulate him and all the other finalists.

The only regret I had on the night was that I didn’t say my thank you speech on national TV, as there are some really special people I wanted to thank. So, I’m going to do the next best thing and get them to read it on my blog.

Thank you Joseph Assaf and the Ethnic Business Awards team! – The Ethnic Business Awards promotes multiculturalism and embraces ethnic diversity within Australia. We are a better country for what Joseph Assaf and his team have promoted through the EBA.


With EBA founder Joseph Assaf

Thank you NAB, Media Sponsors and other Sponsors! – The award would not have been possible without the generous donations of the founding sponsor, NAB, as well as other sponsors for supporting the spirit of this event.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa! – My Grandma was the person who supported me moving to Australia as a child. If she and my Grandpa had not been willing to take up the burden of taking care of me, I don’t know where I would be right now. I also miss all the yummy food she cooks for me.

Thank you Dad and Mum! – My parents have always been very supportive of everything I do. Because of this, I was able to walk my own path and thrive, knowing that I had their love and support should I ever need it.

Thank you Papa and Mama! – I would not be at the award tonight without my parents in law helping us babysit our 2 boys, Davis and Gavin. They are constantly in the background supporting and helping us every step of the way.

Thank you Doreen for being the forever giving person you are and I love you dearly for it! – Some say behind every successful man there is a woman to support him, and this is so true in my case. My lovely wife Doreen has been like the unsung hero, taking on the strenuous task of looking after our two children and keeping our household running every day. When I see everything that Doreen does, I believe absolutely that being a fulltime mum is harder than going to work!


My wife is amazing!

Thank you to All Past and Present Clients! – E-Web Marketing would not be where we are without the support of our extended family, our clients. The opportunity you give us to help your business grow is what motivates us to jump out of bed each day and give it our all.

Thank you to Everyone at E-Web! – It was my name that was nominated as a finalist, but E-Web Marketing is not a team of one, it is a team of many. We have come a long way through the years to build our company from a home office, to a family of over forty people and an environment that is currently ranked by BRW as the #2 Best Place to Work in Australia. Every single one of you should be very proud of your achievement. This is just the beginning of the journey – the exciting part is when we start to inspire other companies and people to start constructing their work days and work cultures around the vision of Happiness, Success and Fun. We have much work in front of us and I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to be going along for the ride.

Thank you Joshua Hay, it’s time for us to celebrate! – Special mention has to go to Joshua Hay, our COO, who was there at the very beginning and has been an integral part of growing the E-Web vision to where it is now.

I’m looking forward to next year already!