Gary Ng | Awakening Entrepreneur

How Work Can Be Cool

Recently, E-Web Marketing made the front cover of The North Shore Times newspaper for being a “worker’s paradise” and Australia’s fourth best workplace for 2012. During our day-to-day, each E-Webber is able to enjoy fun perks such as the mini trampolines, gaming consoles, table tennis table, foosball tables, pool tables and popcorn machine. However, what makes E-Web a truly one of the best places to work in Australia  is our shared values and strong company culture.


At the core of E-Web’s culture is driven by our five core values:

  1. Act With Integrity
  2. Be Passionate About Learning
  3. Commit to Excellence
  4. Create Raving Fans
  5. Build a Positive Team

These values are deeply ingrained in our daily lives which means we work in a great team environment where we are driven towards the same goals and encourage each other to learn, inspire and grow. Without these values E-Web would be a purely profit driven company that does not support harmony and teamwork between employees which is what makes working at E-Web truly special.