Gary Ng | Awakening Entrepreneur

How to Set Effective Goal and Avoid Common Mistakes

Are you tired of bearing the stress that goes with your efforts to hit certain goals? Do you often get demoralised, and does your team’s moral get smashed, when you hit numbers that are way below your target? Maybe you’re not setting the right goals. With my OGO standard, you can set better goals – goals that you will be excited to chase and goals that will bring back your self-confidence and raise the morale of your team. Learn about OGO standard now.

Video Transcript:

I coach and mentor a lot of entrepreneurs and a typical question they come to me is, “We want us to see what coaching advice can you give us?” Well, I first ask them, “What is the gap in your life that you’re trying to bridge? What are your goals?” And a lot of them, their goals that are big, hairy, audacious goal. A lot of them have goal that are like a pie in the sky, something that they seem to pull out from nowhere. And, what usually happens is that they don’t achieve it. They get demoralised. If they work as a team, that’s even worse. The whole team morale get smashed. We set a million dollars target and we only get a ten percent of that – a hundred dollars. How does that feel? Not great right? And it doesn’t really give you much self-confidence. So one thing that we do in E-web Marketing is very different. I come up with something like OGO standings. So what does OGO standards stand for? O is for Okay, G – Good, and O – Outstanding goals.

So the ‘Okay’ goals are like — you’re starting a brand new business. Ideally, you want to make a million dollars right? That’s fantastic and it’s good that you’re ambitious. However, when have you covered cost and pay yourself a little bit of a wage, that would be good right? After all, you’re leaving a high-paying job. So that’s the ‘Okay’ goal. What’s the minimum you need to do to make you feel-wow! I’ve done my part. And at least the business is going in the right direction.

The second part, the G stands for Good – what’s the ‘Good’ goal that you want to achieve? But I’m gonna skip this part and I’m gonna go to the last one-the outstanding one.

What’s the ‘Outstanding’ (goal)? And that’s the pie in the sky number that a lot of the ambitious people said. So if everything happen according to how you envisioned it to happen, then this is the big high that you’re gonna get. So the ‘Good’ goal is somewhere in between. What is most likely to happen based on historical facts and data? It’s what builds your self-confidence when things are going your way–what would that look like?

So that’s OGO standards for you. When you start that, you start chasing your dreams in excitement because you’re gonna hit your ‘Okay’ goal in no time. It’s so easy right? Stop chasing stress, when you’re always trying to chase this pie in the sky number that has no foundation, and you never get close to it, and you get demoralised. So don’t do that guys. Work with the OGO standard–it works! I’ve done it with my whole team. Every single one of them is on it. Try it. Let me know how it goes.