Gary Ng | Awakening Entrepreneur

Have you undervalued what you have achieved over the last 10 years?

For many of us, life is often filled with ‘stuff’ to do.

We are always racing from one thing to the next and even if we have a moment to sit down for a meal, our mind is racing off and we end up checking emails or browsing Facebook.

The worst thing is when you go home to read your children a bedtime story; instead of savouring the precious time you have with your kids, you are trying to race through the pages or worse is if you end up skipping pages in order to get to the end quicker.

Have you experienced the above? I know I certainly have been guilty of this on many occasions.
Have you ever heard of the quote from our friend Bill Gates?

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

E-Web in the Media

If we all have a tendency to overestimate what can be achieved in a year, isn’t it time that we set more realistic goals?

Leanne, a new member of the team, helped us compile a video that highlights some of the media coverage we have received in recent years (using nothing but a YouTube video editor).

It made me take time out of the day to sit back and really appreciate how far we have come. If you had asked me 10 years ago if I expected to be in a position where the company I set up was winning multiple fast growth awards and best places to work awards and was receiving so much media coverage, I would have laughed at you because such success was not viable even in my dreams.

So the lesson for today is: take time out to reflect how far you have come and celebrate with a big smile and high 5!

How often have you been celebrating all your achievements over the last 10 years?