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Dr. Karen Kan – Sensitivity Is Your Superpower – GNG #44

Dr. Karen Kan is a medical doctor, Doctor of Light Medicine™, a #1 international bestselling author, visionary, and pioneer in the fields of healing, consciousness, and spirituality.

Her mission is to empower spiritually-conscious people to harness their intuitive, healing, and manifesting Superpowers, so that they can reach their highest vibration and help anchor-in a brand new reality of love, joy, peace, and harmony for all.

Dr Karen was burnt out and ended up with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. She was even depressed and suicidal. Being sick made her compassionate to the plight of others. Once she committed to the path of healing, she dove headlong into nutritional, emotional and spiritual healing. she healed herself in two years and began sharing the wisdom she had learned to help others like her

As the Founder of the Academy of Light Medicine™, Dr. Karen teaches students her 3-step TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method (TKH) which involves Aligning with the Source of Divine Wisdom, Asking quality questions through Divine Muscle Testing™, and Activating high vibrational healing frequencies. She is like Yoda® from Star Wars, training you to be a self-healing Jedi Master®.

Show Notes:

  • 04:17 – Karen’s self-healing journey using intentions, natural therapy & energy healing
  • 10:40 – Using energy to heal disease in your physical body
  • 18:07 – STOIM – 3 seconds meditation technique
  • 24:08 – Muscle testing to gain wisdom from higher consciousness
  • 41:58 – Weather Magic
  • 47:34 – Teaching parents and kids to unleash their spiritual gifts

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