Gary Ng | Awakening Entrepreneur

Are You Successful in Life?

What kind of person would you consider as somebody who is successful in life? For many people, the first stereotype that comes to mind is the successful businessman with a lot of financial freedom. What if this successful businessman worked around the clock and didn’t have time to foster deep relationships with other people or even look after his own health? Would you still consider this person as somebody who is successful in life?

I believe that a successful person is fulfilled in all aspects of their life, both professional and personal. This is the key to being happy which many people don’t realise until they reach their career goal then ask themselves “Now what?”.  This is why at E-Web Marketing we want to help other people reach their ultimate goal in their career, relationships, family, health and other important aspects of their life through our “Success Series“.


The Success Series is a free monthly event for entrepreneurs to hear from featured guest speakers and then share ideas with likeminded individuals through networking. To kick-start our series we had one of Australiasia’s leading holistic nutrition specialist and weight loss expert Dr Libby Weaver (Ph.D) educate our guests on how to harness their body’s biochemistry and exposed her dynamic approach to weight loss and permanent attainment of good health.

Since 1999, Dr Libby has consulted and empowered all sorts of individuals from stay-at-home-mums to celebrities. She is a regular columnist for magazines such as Taste Magazine, Good Health Magazine and is the author of the best-selling book “Accidentally Overweight”. Her message and expertise has worked for thousands of people already which was what we wanted to bring to our Success Series guests.


Our most recent keynote speaker for the Success Series Event: “How to Win Friends and Influence People in the 21st Century”  was  Andrew Morello. Morello grew up with an entrepreneurial mind-set and started running dance parties from the early age of 15. This is where his lifelong exposure to the business and the property industry began which lead him to working in real estate, winning The Apprentice, working side-by-side Mark Bouris as Head of Business Development at Yellow Brick Road and starting a jewellery business venture with Bellagio & Co.


Through his experiences he realised the power of relationships and the opportunities they can create, or as he prefers to call it, the importance of “Shaking hands and kissing babies”. During the event he shared his three important steps to creating a raving fan out of anyone:

  1. Prepare
  2. Wake Up
  3. Evaluate and Dominate

Morello also shared bonus tips on how to cultivate win-win relationships and how to harness knowing a lot about a little and a little about a lot to build ever-lasting relationships.

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